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Subscription Terms

  • Once the 7-day free trial period ends, the subscription payment level that you registered for will begin.

  • Please allow up to 30 days for all services included in the subscription to be initiated.

  • Subscriptions are monthly based without an overall fixed end date. Which means they do not cancel automatically unless requested to cancel.

  • You may cancel at any time. However, be aware that once cancelled, the included services rendered will also be cancelled. Including all services listed for your specific subscription level.

  • Please allow up to 30 days after cancelling a subscription for services rendered to also be cancelled.

  • Web & Vincent will not be liable for any loss of revenue related to website, server, or plugin errors. Including any incidence of being hacked. You accept the dangers of owning and maintaining a publicly available website.

  • Web & Vincent reserves the right to update our subscription terms and services at any time.

  • By initiating a subscription from Web & Vincent you agree to the terms listed hereof.